31 August 2010

30 August 2010

29 August 2010

pillow party

Amy and Josh came over for a dessert visit for my birthday. Amy made some yummy blackberry & wine sauce for our ice cream. mmm...
Then Joshua and Josh got tired, and had a pillow party.

28 August 2010

Here are three images for today. Rion and I went on a ferry boat ride this morning. Just to get out to the beach, enjoy the sunshine and water, and celebrate my birthday. No time for editing photos... just straight out of the camera today.

27 August 2010


Ok I am turning 28 tomorrow, the 28th of August. My golden birthday! So I have decided to document my 28th year of life with a photo a day... I plan to post it on this blog. Some photos may not be all that exciting but they will have been taken that day, each and every day. I hope I can stick it through to the end.