29 October 2007


We are created by love, to live in love, for the sake of love.

-Gerald May

28 October 2007

A Whole Life

"I try to see the whole woman," Eddie said to Hannnah. "Of course I recognize that she's old, but there are photographs - or the equivalent of photographs in one's imagination of anyone's life. A whole life, I mean. I can picture her when she was much younger than I am - because there are always gestures and expressions that are ingrained, ageless. An old woman doesn't always see herself as an old woman, and neither do I. I try to see her whole life in her. There's something so moving about someone's whole life."
He stopped talking, not only because he'd embarrassed himself, but also because Hannah was crying, "No one will ever see me that way," Hannah said.
-John Irving, A Widow For One Year

Hurricane of Love

So over a month ago, I was entrusted with the job of photographing Bethany and Willie on their wedding day. I could not have asked for a better experience. I traveled to Montana where the wedding took place on the shores of Flathead Lake. The landscape was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, and the bride, groom, family and friends were all beautiful. I only hope that this is the beginning of a awesome career in the world of photography. You will see more images from their wedding in the postings to follow.

26 October 2007

Lost and Found

This painting, entitled "Tres Personajes", was found in a dumpster in Manhattan. It was created by a Mexican artist named Rufino Tamayo. It will be sold in an auction at Sotheby's for perhaps $1 million. It has made the news, what a great find! "Three People" was saved from being lost forever in a landfill. I wonder how many other people are out there, laying in a dumpster, waiting to be found and celebrated. How much more valuable are real people than this painting "Three People"? Just something to ponder.

25 October 2007


If you want to be happy, be.
-Henry David Thoreau

24 October 2007


Among other things, I collect quotes. I just wanted to warn you that you will see them in this blog.

Japanese Garden

I went to the Japanese Garden in search of something. I did not find what I was looking for and instead found this beautiful landscape.

Hawaii - The Big Island

Mom, Dad, Joshua and I went to Hawaii recently. I'd never been to The Big Island so the trip was full of fun experiences; volcanoes, sea turtles, horseback riding, etc. It was so nice to be in the sun with the weather in Seattle starting to turn to true fall. We visited my uncle Wayne which is always a pleasure with his fun nature and sense of humor.

Joshua and I at the Volcano National Park with a crater in the background. Most recent lava flow that we found was Sept. 1982. (I picked up a rock from it, because I was born just before.) We experienced the vastly different landscapes and went from what you see in this picture to dense humid jungle just a few miles further down the road.

Horses we met on the way to Ka Lae. Beautiful and somewhat desolate country. Hawaii has wild horses but I believe that someone owns these. I went horseback riding through a jungle valley in the north part of the island. The Big Island has the largest ranch in the United States, Parker Ranch. So cowboys, horses and cattle are a common sight.

Here is Joshua. This has got to be my favorite photo of him from the trip. (And you can see me and Dad in his reflective sunglasses!) He's such a great model for me. You can't tell from the photo, but he is standing on the southern most tip of the United States. A place called Ka Lae. This place was considered the edge of the world for the ancient people of Hawaii, they believed that this is where their souls would go to jump out into the afterlife. It was a very cool place. We drove for over 10 miles down a one lane dirt/gravel road through fields to come to this point where cliffs dropped to the bright blue ocean. The wind was strong and the sky was clear.

This is Howie. He is one of the many Sea Turtles that I met on my trip. We watched Howie and his friends play in the waves and then he decided to come up onto shore and watch us. Sea Turtles are such fascinating animals, its always a treat to meet one.

04 October 2007

This is my family

This is me

As you can see, I have figured out the photo thing. This is me, on the phone, at the Missula airport, in the middle of the night. I believe this is the most recent photo that was taken of me and it is an auto portrait. I guess this is the beginning... ;)

So umm... here it goes

I've just made a blog. (please hold your applause till the end) This should be a very educational experience for me and for everyone hopefully. Please, I encourage you to stay tuned for more tasty tidbits from yours truly. Next step, figuring out how to post my photos...